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The good location that TOYOTAYA HOSTEL is attractive, the introduction of the recommended spot.

I introduce the access method from recommended spot and station and airport around this museum.

Because it is near from a station, the bus stop, movement using a public institution is most suitable.

Area Information

    • Hanshin Koshien Stadium

    • It is stronghold Stadium of Hanshin Tigers of professional baseball Central League, and the two major National High School Baseball Championship national conventions called the national high school baseball championship (summer Koshien) and selection Senior High School baseball meet (spring Koshien) are held before a war with precedence and are called "a sacred place of the baseball" in Japan.

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    • Kidzania Koshien

    • "A child street of the leading role" that social organization can learn although being a pleasure for 3-15-year-old children. Facilities for shop and vehicle child to see in reality society in the town which I can experience work and service more than 90 kinds, and was made with child size of about 2/3 whom there is much.

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    • Nadagogo volost area (Nishinomiya volost, Imazu volost)

    • A production center of the brewing suitable rice (Nishiki, Yamada) was near, and good-quality mineral water "shrine water" from the Rokko Range sprang out, and it was early, and the favorable conditions that there was a good harbor to carry it were prepared to liquor, Edo that the Tanba chief brewer who had the high skill aroused in the season when cold wind of the Rokko lowering raged, and it was with a large production center of the sake after the Edo era.

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    • Kobe Chinatown

    • It is counted in one of the Japan's three biggest Chinatown with Yokohama Chinatown, Chinatown Area, Nagasaki Chinatown, and more than 100 stores link the eaves in East-West approximately 200m, the range of north and south 110m. A lot of shops selling dim sum, sweets, ingredients, a souvenir on a street of the store are full of local shopper and tourists on a holiday.

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    • Kobe harbor land

    • Commercial facilities such as umie, umie MOSAIC, the Kobe Anpan-Man child museum & lacing braid do well in the families center that there is in the site. In addition, it becomes the area representing Kobe-shi as the compound city where public accommodation and an office of Kobe-shi, a house are mixed.

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    • Kitano, Godo foreigner's house

    • Kitano-cho that is famous as a town of the foreigner's house. The place that was surrounded in the atmosphere that a lot of boutique and restaurants using a foreigner's house created gaiety to. I am born with the Kobe Port opening of a port as a foreign residential area, and the foreigner's house which had it of nearly 1,000 in the city has ever become only the building around Kitano now.

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    • Oji Zoo in Kobe held

    • Large number of animals breed it including precious animals such as 80,618m², the giant panda koala Amur tiger Amur leopard snow leopard, and the total area is displayed. It is the zoo which can watch the only giant panda and koala at the same time in Japan.

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    • Universal Studios Japan ®

    • The park which can experience the world of the hollywood movie by the attraction of excitement and a ride and the show of the impression to exceed far expectation and the imagination of the guest thoroughly. In late years I introduce the global entertainment except the hollywood movie positively.

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    • Osaka Aquarium KAIYUKAN

    • I reproduce the sea of the Pacific rim with a huge water tank and am the facilities which changed the impression of the conventional aquarium dramatically. A high rank is the five best one of the world's largest aquariums about the scale of the indoor water tank in the world. I lay emphasis on breeding, the cultivation except the aquatic, and approximately 200 kinds of plants are displayed in the hall.

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    • Osaka-jo Castle

    • A castle on behalf of Japan built by military commander of the age of civil strife, Hideyoshi Toyotomi. It became the base of Toyotomi. Oar and gate, 13 including the storehouse that take it later from early period of Edo time, and were built exist; the site of castle 710,000 square meters of ranges of the country is appointed particularly by a historic spot.

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Address : 2-25 Tsuto Nishiguchi-cho,Nishinomiya, Hyogo 663-8231 Japan

TEL : +81-798-38-1586

FAX : +81-798-38-1587

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